Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Oriental Rugs and Carpets

Welcome to the Oriental Rug Store Toronto, High End Rugs & Carpets | Rug Stars
Rug Stars is a symbol of quality for over 30 years. Rug Stars is a leading and fast growing Oriental rugs, carpets and flooring company, who provides the best quality, high end oriental rugs, carpets  to our customers across Canada and USA at an affordable prices.  We  do not  compromise on the quality  of our products. We have manufacturers all around the world, They weave rugs for us according to our customer's demand. Rug Stars established in1980 with a business strategy of operational excellence, Rug Stars is a family own business, Our main objective is to empower our customers with superior customer service and by providing state-of-the-art high quality oriental rugs with their fine weave, fiber and designs with affordable prices.
We have been very successful in our approach, this has helped us drive down operating costs and thus we are able to pass on the savings to our customers.Rug Stars has established partnerships with leaders in the manufacturing industry to ensure that our objective of operational excellence is accomplished beyond our customer's expectations.